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16th September 2005
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Gig Reviews

Stolen Sun

Stolen Sun

The Teesside Glasto?

By reviewer Phil Saunders
Teesside's finest bands gather on the grass for fun in the sun at the first annual Pig Pen Music Festival in Elwick on September 3rd.

BBC Tees reviewer Phil Saunders
BBC Tees reviewer
Phil Saunders
It's a sunny but blustery Saturday morning in September and the cream of Teesside's musical crop have been assembled at High Farm in Elwick to play the very first Pig Pen Music Festival. In my opinion, the prospect of having our very own annual festival in Teesside is a tasty one.
As I arrive I'm greeted by a sparse turnout of mixed bag of revellers scattered across the field. Bewildered farmers wander amongst tables of indie-fied denims enjoying the 1.50 beers, sharp dressed skinheads mingle with families out for the day-trip.
There's also kites, frisbees, ladybirds, daddy long legs, burgers and a loud-as-hell PA churning out Kerrang! favourites. I'm told (by local celebrity Bob Fischer) that I have sadly missed a few acts already.
God has just left the stage, brassy biker rawk in his opinion. I'll resist the temptation to poke fun at their moniker and move swiftly on...
Stolen Sun rattle our bones with juggernaut sized riffs that Corrosion Of Conformity would nod approvingly at, through their beards. Grizzly bear vocals, noodle wars on guitar and a juicy-roast-beef rhythm section keeps things gloriously chunky, but they maintain a smooth groove, as Queens Of The Stone Age would.
A very happy festival-goer
A very happy festival-goer  
Next up, In a furious deathbed. Despite this not really making sense, IAFDB do exactly what it says on the tin. If only this was Ozzfest, these guys would blow the turgid throngs of metal clones that clutter our Rock Scene apart. It's Slayer, Sepultura and Entombed at their bloody best. Scary hairy and with vocal chords of steel, cast by Satans iron-monger. When the infestation of fashion-core bands that look like Busted playing Bon Jovi disintegrate I hope IAFD are there to pick up the pieces, load their shotguns and ride into a victorious sunset. Simply awesome.
Its time for Whalter  to try and follow the mosh with some catchy-as-cholera melodic pop punk nonsense, and they just about do it too! You cant help loving Whalter due to  their tight, loud, driving rock songs about girls and why they are so bad and so good (at making boys feel good and bad etc.) Perhaps the only criticism could be, that without the raggy interesting edges of the previous bands, they pale somewhat in comparison.


Last band Exitbyname do the shouty/singy/metal/punk thing as the sun goes down and the first Pig Pen Festival comes to an end.
A great well organised day it was, should budget permit next year, a few extras like bouncy castles etc for the kiddies wouldn't go amiss. There did seem to be a lack of entertainment for some, although personally I was quite content headbanging to the live music.